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Crossing paths with two Jordans

Sorry that it has been dead around here at the blog in recent weeks. I started my new role at – covering a variety of college sports beyond women’s basketball – in late September, and it’s taken up not … Continue reading

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The season officially started Friday …

But my first game of the 2010-11 campaign will be today in Connecticut. Action has been very slow here on the blog because I’ve been pretty busy elsewhere, covering several fall sports. Which has been a lot of fun, too. … Continue reading

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The horror movie nobody calls a horror movie

In honor of Halloween, my favorite holiday, I offer this. For the last 20-plus years, I’ve had the same two favorite movies. Except I’ve sometimes been just a bit hesitant to declare them because I didn’t want to sound like … Continue reading

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Who’s doing the mentoring? It’s gotta be us

When I was a kid, my sister and I would seriously annoy our mother in various ways – honestly, it usually was not intentional – and my mom would, at times, exclaim with exasperation: “It’s no wonder I’m half nuts!” … Continue reading

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The last day of hoops … for a little while

With the end of the world championship today, we’ll take a break from games … although there’s still a ton left up in the air about the WNBA. Coaching jobs open in Chicago, New York and San Antonio. What appeared … Continue reading

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Just humor me, Part 1

This week, there was an announcement that Cathy Guisewite is ending her “Cathy” comic strip in October after 34 years of drawing it. I got sucked into a┬ácouple of pages of reader comments about the story on “Yahoo” before I … Continue reading

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How can reality find its place in college sports?

There are those times when you read about the way something used to be and think, “How could it have gone on like that for so long?” I wonder if that will someday be the case in regard to the … Continue reading

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Stanford’s Super Hoopsters

Wrote about Stanford’s Jeanette Pohlen for today on and mentioned the Stanford short-video series, “The Super Hoopsters: Super Heroes with Ineffective Powers.” They totally crack me up: The idea, the execution, the music, the whole deal. Here’s a link … Continue reading

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Thank you, Candace Parker

I know a lot of people don’t like PETA. They think the organization goes way overboard, that it doesn’t understand the supposed “natural” cycle of life and the food chain, that it sensationalizes terrible things to make its points. They … Continue reading

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Busy times following the bouncing ball

I promise there will be an Alysha Clark feature up on after her amazing 132-point performance in the Sun Belt tournament. Also look for some Big 12 preview stuff on, in The Kansas City Star and here. Will … Continue reading

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