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  1. Tom says:

    Any love or comments for the Div 2 tournament culminating right up the road from KC in St. Joseph? Love your blog and your post on Would love to hear your thoughts or at least a point to some discussion about one of the tournament. In the smaller communities many of these student-athletes are a part of Div. 2 sports is an awesome experience male or female.


  2. David says:

    I participated in the Live Chat during the WNBA ASG last yr with you and Graham.

    You answered several of my questions in your chat today; I’ve been trying to get a hold of you (you don’t seem toanswer tweets) about going on my internet radio show and talking tourney, and hoops in general.

    Last week had Mel Greenberg, Wendy Parker, and more. This week Nancy Lieberman and Sylvia Crawley.

    Would really like you to tape a show for airing on this Wednesday if possible.

    Please contact me one way or the other at my email listed with this comment.

    Host, Dishin’ & Swishin': The World of Women’s Hoops

  3. Dave Mast says:

    I’ve got something you can look in to. All season long I’m fortunate enough to be able to watch the Women UCONN Huskies on my public broadcast channel. Every year, without fail, the biggest games of the year (last year it was the last Rutgers game) and this year it’s the two tournament games that tied the longest streak and today’s game which will probably break the streak. The reason, ESPN chooses to broadcast them on ESPNU which is not carried on all cable services within the state of CT. As a fan, I cannot describe how ripped off I feel by my cable service and even more so by ESPN which has the capability to change where it is broadcast within the state. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lee says:

    Understand first that I do not condone Brittney Griner punching Jordan Barncastle. However, I do think the media has added fuel to the fire and fanned the flames without researching the facts leading up to the punch. In fairness to Brittney Griner, Kim Mulkey, Women’s College Basketball and Baylor, please contact people with actual knowledge of the events prior to writing another article on this situation. Please find out what transpired during the course of the game and not a 10 second clip. If the information published in Baylor’s Fan forum is accurate, while it cannot excuse the punch, it may go a long way to explain very egregious provocation on the part of Texas Tech and Jordan Barncastle. It may also explain why the Big 12 so quickly agreed that a two game suspension was acceptable. The information below is in quotes because I copied it from two different threads in the Baylor Fan forum.

    “While Standing At My Seat Today… at the men’s game against Texas, I turned around to the people behind me on the handicap platform and there stood Brittany Griner, holding a piece of pizza. We all started talking to her while the game was going on (this was about 5 minutes into the second half). I told her that we loved her and that she was ours and part of the Baylor family. The look on her face showed that she really needed to hear that from an average Baylor fan. I told her that I hoped she learned from this, and she said that she has felt awful and full of regret the last several days; she also said it would NEVER happen again. That the Tech girl had been making comments questioning her sex, and that the physical part boiled over. She said that stuff like that has been going on all year, especially in conference, and that she is just going to have to deal with it by ignoring it. I told her that we are behind her; then something pretty cool happened.

    It was like suddenly the Baylor fans above and around us realized who was there, and they all stood and started clapping and yelling for Brittany and that they were behind her; this was coming from about a quarter of the Ferrell Center in that area. The love coming from the Baylor crowd was very obvious.

    Alot has been said and written in the past few days about this incident by people on this board, ESPN and back to the northeast. We need to remember that this is a 19 year-old young lady who is still maturing emotionally as well as an athlete. She feels great remorse, has been suspended and has apologized. What else do you expect her to do? Perhaps some folks who are calling for “permanent suspensions” and etc. should back off. Kim has handled it, The Big 12 has accepted it, and the vast majority of the Baylor fans love her.

    “Tidbits From The Lady Bear Game —Just got back from the game, and here are some interesting followup information from the crowd at the Ferrell Center. We get there about one and a half hours before gametime partly to beat the crowd, but mainly to make the rounds with various friends inside and outside the program. Of course, all that anybody was talking about was what happened in Lubbock and its aftermath. And, most people in the crowd expected us to get blown out early in the game because of the circumstances. Having said that, here we go:

    A source who is close to our AD told me that the referees who called the Baylor-Tech game last week have been reprimanded and were told they would not call another Big 12 game due to their losing control of that game and the crowd long before the incident happened. I do not know if this means just the rest of this season or permanently.

    Texas Tech has been reprimanded by the conference and told to get control of their fans and players now. Tech fans have developed the reputation in the conference as having some of the most foul-mouthed fans in women’s basketball, they are not doing anything about it, and the Big 12 is tired of it.

    From a Baylor fan who was there last Wednesday, the Tech fans were vulgar early and often with the bulk of their venom aimed at Brittany and our coach. This fan said that the stuff yelled at our players and coaches made the Aggies look like amateurs.

    Sexist comments directed toward Brittany were made by most of the Tech players, including several on the Tech bench WHILE SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR COACHES. Nothing was done by the referees or the Tech coaches to curb this.

  5. Jim Hurley says:

    You recently wrote: “Mulkey feels a two-game suspension and whatever other private disciplinary/teaching measures she takes is enough to effectively get the message through to Griner.” No reason do doubt Mulkey? C’mon on! How convenient for Coach Mulkey and Baylor, on the eve of the conference tournaments and women’s March Madness. This punishment just isn’t severe enough for the crime …. LeGarrette Blount?

  6. Joel says:


    I just wanted to let you know that your article, “Thomas finds friend, sister in Deluzio” made me tear up. It was a wonderfully written article and I just thought you should know. Some articles are mostly informational, like a box score and some pull your heart strings. That was a nice balance of both and we need to hear more inspirational stories in a world that seems to be dominated by stories of negativity.

    Thank you for writing that wonderful story.


  7. Bill S. says:

    Really nice column on Virginia’s Debbie Ryan. We are very proud of Debbie and everything she has done for the girls and the University. I have heard more than one person say, now if she could just run the men’s program, too! How cool would that be? Coaches like her come around once in a lifetime, so we should all sit back and enjoy this great coach, who ranks up there with the very best! Bill S.

  8. Stef Bunday says:

    I just read your WNBA article and the spending issues… maybe all the high paid NBA players could afford to share!

  9. JOE C says:


    I read your article on Diana T. Today, it was informative, opinionated and very well written. As a fan of woman’s basketball and an opinionated person myself, I was wondering if you or anyone else had done the research of any male NBA players that had committed at least allegedly Rape (At least one high profile guy does and he just won another ring), DUI, murder or any other criminal offenses. You see my take is that she is a very talented young lady who really does give back to the community and she made a mistake. You see it not that she fell that counts it is that she gets up after she fell that really counts. There is a very mis-guided view from the public and sports writers about these Lady’s that they are perfect and don’t make mistakes. Guess what they truly are human and they will make mistakes that is why it is called life. I will agree there is no excuse however treat the lady equally. I looked and could not find any articles from you on the Kobe Bryant rape case, that truly is a shame since you are a vary talented writer with many followers. If you are going to cover WBB then cover it as if it were MBB as it seems woman are held to a different unequal standard. I will keep reading your articles because I truly believe they are well thought out and cover the point. However please do not cover “alledeged” information you do not have first hand info and become opinionated. The reason is because the article becomes as much a grocery store rag mag article and people might think they’re horoscope will pop un next.

    Kindest regards and please do onot take any offense to the words it is more food for though tthan anything


    Joe C.

  10. robyn crawford says:

    Mechelle – I always enjoy reading your written works on women’s basketball.

    Quick question on home court advantage for lower seeds vs top seeds — Michigan vs DUKE.

    A year or two ago: Didn’t Rutgers have to play Michigan State on Michigan’s home court — when in fact RU was seeded higher?

    Note from MV: Yes, that’s exactly right. No. 4 Rutgers had to play at No. 5 Michigan State in the 2007 second round because East Lansing was one of the eight subregional sites that year. I didn’t like that, either. But the question is: Are fans fine with this? One year a program gets the short end of this system, a few years later it has the chance to benefit from it? Do people like upsets that can be aided because teams now buy home-court advantage through bids, rather than earn it through seeding?

  11. Cindy says:


    I enjoy your articles/blogs. Keep up the good work.

    Just wanted to share this website w/ you. Thought you

    might find it of interest. World Premiere of Documentary is

    April 4th in Philadelphia.


  12. C and R says:

    I am a diehard Stanford fan and blogger, yet cannot understand how Stanford women got ranked number 2 in the country at the end of the regular season. Any thoughts?

  13. John Molina says:

    the comic strip is Steve Canyon. I came across a copy of one of them online.

  14. Howard in PA says:

    WHATTTT!!? A “Mechelle Voepel” blog and I’m just NOW discovering it?? Shame on me.

    Mechelle, this is my Big Discovery of ’09….I’m glad to have found this place.


  15. DFW says:

    Always enjoyed your work Mechelle. Please blog more often.

  16. Joel says:


    Whats it going to take for K-State to get some more love. They finished the Non Con undefeated and go into Big XII play as the defending Big XII Champions. Seems that few are taking notice of what could be a much better team then the 07/08 squad.

  17. william says:

    time for a feature on Danielle Wilson of Baylor – breakout season – or the coaching duo of Mulkey Barmore

  18. Judy Nevitt says:

    I would agree with booting Vandy . However, how does UCLA get over looked when their only lost is to Maryland would think they deserve at the lest #25 …. keep up the good work ..
    Gooooooooooooo Vols’

  19. Kate says:

    Love to see your writing regularly – no more inky hands for Voepel fans, huh? I’m going to see this has a half-full thing.

  20. Lloyd Krone says:

    Great that you have a website, and we will keep following you. A fan and KSU grad from Dallas.

  21. Scamp says:

    Mechelle, I’m delighted that you’ve started a blog.

  22. StatGirl says:

    Nice first post, pal. :)

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