More on the ‘Rainbow ceiling’

I took part in a “webinar” last week, which was put together by reporter Stefanie Loh as part of the Association of Women in Sports Media convention.

The topic was a familiar one that people talk about … and yet don’t talk about: homosexuality in sports, in this case, particularly women’s sports.

Involved in the “webinar” were Dr. Pat Griffin, a leading advocate of incorporating GLBT sensitivity to education, Portland State women’s basketball coach Sherri Murrell, former Belmont women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe (who lost her job for coming out publicly as gay), Olympic and pro softball player Lauren Lappin, and me.

You can read the highlights from the discussion here, or download the full transcript from that site. Or you can listen to it here, which also allows you to download a podcast.

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2 Responses to More on the ‘Rainbow ceiling’

  1. Susan says:

    Very interesting discussion. Change takes time, but I think things are heading in the right direction.

  2. Scamp (aka Carol Anne) says:

    #AWSMNow The Rainbow Ceiling recap: Five out lesbians discuss their experiences in sports

    Well, well, well. Did you expect that description? ;>)